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By B. Slama

So by now most of the free world has heard of what happened at Penn State.  As I write this the University has yet to make an official statement regarding the now public grand jury testimony nor have they answered the following questions (and yes, they do owe the public answers):
How long did they know about the allegations ?
According to Grand Jury Testimony the first reported sex act Sandusky had with a minor was between 1994 and 1997. The University was made aware of the allegations in 1998 when Sandusky was interviewed by officials and admitted to showering with a pre-teen. He acknowledged the inappropriateness of his actions and promised not to do it again. The authorities, being the Penn State University police, closed the case. (more…)


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By Slams76

Oh, this one may be my favorite awkward ESPN moments of the decade.  One of the two or three times a year, where scripts were actually dropped and one man looks at the other in some macho dick measuring contest to debate on how the Minnesota Vikings have officially fallen off the track. Neither of the panelists recognized the Vikings were mathematically eliminated from winning the division and without an H-bomb taking out the South Eastern United States, their Wild Card chances seem about as likely as Carrot Top living to see sixty. They did stir up a very interesting debate though as to what went wrong and who is to blame for one of the best young teams in the league underachieving so badly. (more…)

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