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By B. Slama

So as it pans out, The Score had Mike Klis of the Denver Post on the air last night. According to Klis, Orton had his first child with his wife in August and he did not want to become a journeyman quarterback. He approached the Broncos in the offseason prior to the lockout asking to be traded in part to get away from Tebow-mania and have a fresh start with a team convinced he can be their long-term starter. After all, the Broncos demanded Orton in the Cutler deal and in return he gave them 3,800 yards, a career high 21 touchdowns,  a respectable 86.8 Quarterback rating and over 60% completion percentage. As a reward for the effort, Josh McDaniels pushed to get Tim Tebow onto his roster and staked his reputation on it. (more…)


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By Slams76

Black Monday has come and gone and that means even in the face of a potential lockout, NFL owners are reacting to talk radio, fan related blogs, podcasts and beat reporters pointing the finger at the coaching staff…particularly the head coach.

Quite a few coaches were cut loose on and prior to Black Monday so let’s take a look at where some of the recent unemployed will go to along with candidates for recent vacancies. I’ll even throw in a coordinator or two to complement the head guys already signed up for the 2011 season. (more…)

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