2012 NFL Mock Draft

By the Lion

1 Colts Andrew Luck QB Stanford

At this point, there are still so many unknowns around Manning.  Will his neck heal?  What kind of QB will he be when he returns?  How much longer will he be able to play after an injury this devastating and late in his career?  With the new rookie salary cap, the Colts can select and stockpile an elite talent at the position for discounted rates and allow Luck, a very intelligent QB in his own right, to learn behind arguably the greatest QB (and certainly the most cerebral) of all time.  I think this becomes a no brainer for the Colts whether they hang onto Manning or not. Continue Reading »


By B. Slama

So by now most of the free world has heard of what happened at Penn State.  As I write this the University has yet to make an official statement regarding the now public grand jury testimony nor have they answered the following questions (and yes, they do owe the public answers):
How long did they know about the allegations ?
According to Grand Jury Testimony the first reported sex act Sandusky had with a minor was between 1994 and 1997. The University was made aware of the allegations in 1998 when Sandusky was interviewed by officials and admitted to showering with a pre-teen. He acknowledged the inappropriateness of his actions and promised not to do it again. The authorities, being the Penn State University police, closed the case. Continue Reading »

By Slams76

Defensive Ends
First Team: Quinton Coples, North Carolina… Coples was forced onto the scene a year ago with Robert Quinn’s suspension. Coples offers rare size and plays with solid athleticism and strength. Generally speaking 6’6 285lb. Defensive Ends are destined to end up inside at the five technique, but Coples brings experience and ability to a weak ACC schedule where his top opponent for the season will be a true sophomore (S. Henderson, Miami) who he should easily handle. 
First Team: Brandon Jenkins, Florida State… Jenkins is the next in line of Florida State pass rushers. Jenkins had 13.5 sacks as a Sophomore and with an easier schedule and improved play from his teammates, he should acheive those numbers again. Jenkins is a bit shorter than many NFL GM’s would say is ideal…but at 6’2 265, he does have enough size to hold up against the run in college and the pass rush arsenal to get around the corner.  Continue Reading »

By The Lion

Final Top 50 Teams Championship Week





1 Alabama 13 0
2 Florida State 12 1
3 Oklahoma 11 1
4 Stanford 11 2
5 Ohio State 11 2
6 LSU 10 2
7 Texas A&M 10 2
8 Boise State 11 1
9 Wisconsin 10 2
10 Oregon 9 3
11 Oklahoma State 9 3
12 Notre Dame 10 2
13 West Virginia 10 2
14 TCU 10 2
15 Arkansas 9 3
16 Georgia 10 3
17 Virginia Tech 11 2
18 South Carolina 9 3
19 Nebraska 9 3
20 Arizona State 9 3
21 USC 9 3
22 Missouri 8 4
23 NC State 9 3
24 UCONN 9 3
25 Michigan State 8 4
26 Michigan 9 3
27 Nevada 10 2
28 Mississippi State 8 4
29 Southern Miss 10 3
30 South Florida 9 3
31 Texas 8 4
32 Iowa 9 3
33 Miami (OH) 9 4
34 Auburn 7 5
35 Utah 10 3
36 Penn State 7 5
37 Maryland 7 5
38 Miami (FL) 7 5
39 San Diego State 8 4
40 North Carolina 7 5
41 Clemson 7 5
42 Florida 6 6
43 Houston 9 4
44 Air Force 7 5
45 Northern Illinois 7 5
46 Arizona 7 5
47 Northwestern 6 6
48 Tulsa 7 5
49 BYU 7 5
50 UCF 6 6

Alabama is my pick to win the National Championship

By Slams76

Let’s be clear, this isn’t an All-American list of who the top NFL draft picks will be… Who will set conference records and necessarily be a star on their own team…This is a list to get the word out on some of my favorite players who I have followed since their recruiting visits of their Junior season, in high school.  So without further build-up… Here we go.
First Team:  Landry Jones, Oklahoma… Everyone’s All-American. High tempo, spread offense with talented receivers, proven coaches and Big 12 Conference schedule that lacks any clear defensive challenge. The ultimate compliment a quarterback can be paid is trust from his coach and teammates. Jones has that in spades. Stepped in for an injured Sam Bradford two seasons ago and had by some standards success. He came in last season as a known starter and delivered an outstanding performance. The challenge for Jones will be to lead his team to an undefeated season and BCS title…anything less and he will have not met many expectations. Continue Reading »

By The Lion

Overall, the Notre Dame schedule features just two teams ranked in both polls (Standford and Michigan State), followed by a boatload of average College teams, and some chumps.  Based on rankings, the Irish should be favored in every game but the Stanford road game to end the season. 

1. Vs. South Florida – Should be a win.  South Florida just isn’t a good team.  They were better a few years ago and while they still get some recruits, they don’t get anywhere near enough to actually fill out the roster.  Notre Dame’s talent level is off the charts vs. South Florida and the added benefit of bringing them to South Bend should get it done.  1-0.  Continue Reading »

By Slams 76
So with optimism on the defensive side of the ball. Can the offense maintain their productivity and solidify the team’s chances of getting to the January…

10 – Dayne Crist – A fourth year junior who has shown flashes of brilliance and moments of immaturity where he reminds us of Clausen leaving a year too soon. The challenge will be for Crist to stay healthy on a two time surgically repaired knee. Brian Kelly does not use kid gloves when coaching Crist, which typicaly means the coaches have high expectations for leadership and performance. If Crist can continue his 60% completion ratio and throw for over 3,200 yards his role in the offense will be solidified and remove any doubt as to his ability to lead the team. Continue Reading »