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By the Lion

1 Colts Andrew Luck QB Stanford

At this point, there are still so many unknowns around Manning.  Will his neck heal?  What kind of QB will he be when he returns?  How much longer will he be able to play after an injury this devastating and late in his career?  With the new rookie salary cap, the Colts can select and stockpile an elite talent at the position for discounted rates and allow Luck, a very intelligent QB in his own right, to learn behind arguably the greatest QB (and certainly the most cerebral) of all time.  I think this becomes a no brainer for the Colts whether they hang onto Manning or not. (more…)


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By The Lion

1.       Romney had a very good week.  With all of those guys dropping out of the race (literally and likely), he took a huge leap forward in the driver seat.  On top of that, Democrats are targeting him specifically, indicating they feel he is the biggest threat, which is more or less a complement, and his campaign blew right through that Health Care speech without missing a fundraising beat.  Pretty much his only hold up right now are left wing media types trying to find issue with someone who raised more in 12 hours than most raise in 3 months and right wing types who are hoping someone steps up that they can back that isn’t named Mitt Romney.  Meanwhile, the center and center right are all moving toward Romney at rapid pace.  Even if the far right doesn’t come aboard, the middle and right of center should be enough to drive Romney to the finish line, and he’s starting to pull away.  Daniels is fading in the rearview dragging his feet, but watch out for Palin who could decide that she was out, but the market for someone like her may never be this good again.

2.       Bill Burton is the CIA of the Obama Campaign.  They are certainly going to try and test the waters on a whole litany of issues with the hope of shifting the narrative.  If they can pull it off, based on what the Economy looks like, it will be just the 2nd time in the past 140 years that we’ve seen an economy in this bad a shape, relatively speaking, and had a President win re-election.  The narrative will be Medicare, Medicaid, entitlement cuts, and the lack of a quality candidate.  They may even play the “you might not like our guy, but their guy is worse” card.  It will be interesting.  Expect them to come up with probably 3-5 key issues that people are interested in and then trying to press on those issues in the coming months with an increasing direction toward Mitt Romney with these attacks. (more…)

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Jay Cutler’s MRI

By Slams76

Lovie Smith has a press conference scheduled for this afternoon… AS A COACH…would you come out and defend your player and give a little bit of a tongue lashing towards the media for labeling his quarterback as soft / a quitter / a malcontent / disinterested or a weak spirit…

Cutler’s torn MCL was confirmed last night, Post game live’s John “Moon” Mullen gave the information out and it was ignored because of the pending MRI to confirm the degree of the tear…however I wonder if the bears PR staff regrets not pushing that information out… (more…)

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By Roger S. Kenny

OK, we are treading water this week… had our first losing weekend and followed it up with a stupid baseball bet… now it’s time to dial it up and see what shakes loose…

Boston College @ Florida State (-22 / 45.5)… Boston college has next to no offense, Uncle Dave is back at QB for the Eagles, but that isn’t going to change their terrible offensive line and running game. Memo to draft experts, someone show me where/why/how Costanzo is a first round pick. He will have his hands full with a fast and aggressive front seven for the Noles who I think will have a big day. I’m expecting a thirty point win by the ‘Noles as they make this a statement game.
Teaser: FSU -16 / Over 39.5 @ 200 (more…)

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Weekend Steam Update

Roger S. Kenny is in hiding from certain people after his picks over the weekend. In an attempt to get back in good financial standings, he will be putting a box of ziti on tonight’s Jets/Vikes game.

Minnesota Vikings vs. New York Jets – Over/Under 38.5: bet the over $1000

God’s speed Rog……

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By The Lion
1. Alabama – After back to back wins over top 10 teams, Alabama sits alone at the top of the rankings this week.  They have looked impressive, dominant, resourceful, and when hitting on all cylinders, nearly unstoppable.  Their schedule is still very challenging from here on out, but so far, they’ve had little trouble blowing through some very impressive competition.  This team is clearly #1 in the country with no challenger at the moment.

2. Ohio State – The Buckeyes struggled to a victory over Illinois, and needed a late TD in order to seal the deal.  Pryor was hurt, but only missed a portion of three series, although he lost the ability to run after the injury due to a gimpy quad.  The Bucks Defense was solid, as usual, and Illinois’ very talented running back was essentially shut down.  But offensively, the Bucks didn’t show up for this one.  Playing at that level against some of the remaining teams on the schedule will result in a loss and the Buckeyes showed their first glimpse of vulnerability in this one.  Florida’s loss leaves them at #2.

3. Boise State – Boise State bounces back to the #3 spot.  While their competition was a joke again, the win was convincing and impressive, and Florida’s loss ensured that the Broncos secure a top 3 spot in the rankings yet again.  Boise’s schedule remains weak, so expect other teams to move in front of and drop off behind them repeatedly all season.

4. Oregon – The Ducks have been shooting up the rankings all season and this last come from behind win over Stanford to ultimately lead to a blowout of 20+ points spoke volumes about this team.  Stanford’s Defense was much improved, yet couldn’t even really slow Oregon for the bulk of the game.  The Ducks will be tough no matter who they play if that is the pace they set in future matchups.  Welcome to the top 5, Oregon.

5. TCU – Rounding out our top 5 is TCU, who failed to move up when Florida dropped down due to Oregon’s vaulting past them.  TCU continues with a weak schedule for now, similar to Boise State, but ultimately just needs to continue to win to stay in the vicinity of the top 5 and a possible BCS appearance.  This win was not awe inspiring, but it was a win.


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The Forgotten Man

This was posted on “Western Voices World News”. The article can be found Here.

Against the background of a darkening sky, all of the past Presidents of the United States gather before the White House, as if to commemorate some great event. In the left hand corner of the painting sits a man. That man, with his head bowed appears distraught and hopeless as he contemplates his future. (more…)

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