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Frankly, this is more of a general dislike, than an earned turd for any particular person… However, can someone explain to me how busy you have to be to wear your phone on your head at all-times…
What really chaps my ass is when someone answers their headset “hello” while in the grocery store and I inevitably look like an ass and say “hello” back to them… Do us all a solid favor here…Use your phone, you only need one hand in the grocery store…


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By Slams 76

I would like to nominate…
Tony Hayward, CEO of British Petroleum (BP)

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By Slams76

Who is your most disliked athlete…
I used to call this the celebrity plane crash… You know, charter a jet and fill it with celebs telling them its all a part of a USO tour or something and then launch the plane into the side of the Neverland ranch


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